Presents of Parties was started by a mother daughter team in Sevier County, Utah who owns a party business and a bakery.

Our mission is to help children (ages 3-10) who are in need by giving them a birthday party pack.

We believe that every child, no matter their situation, deserves to be cherished and celebrated.
We think that gatherings of family and friends for a birthday can encourage a child to see the value they have and give them memories to help support their self-worth as they grow into confident adults.
We use a carefully weighted system to choose our candidates based on a large variety of difficulties that can be hard on children, and can also make it difficult for a family to commit to throwing a party.
We have designed our Presents of Parties box to be customized to a child’s name and interests.
We have done as much as possible to make it easy for the family to throw their party with the supplies we provide.
We rely on donations to help us meet the costs of running a non-profit that we can’t meet with out of pocket costs ourselves.
We encourage you to look at our several donation options to help us continue to send Presents of Parties to children in Sevier County, Utah.
We believe in our mission, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a child’s life be brightened by a celebration of who they are and who they can become.